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Surviving food poisoning in Cambodia.
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A lovely backpacker friend of mine told me that the best way to lose weight was to go on the “Food poisoning diet” Well folks, that is what I have been on for the last week and OMG I promise … Read More

Choosing the perfect hostel.
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A lot of people will say “My goodness why are you backpacking”? the answer is very simple, it is just the best way for a single lady to travel. Backpacking and staying in the backpacker hostels gives you the opportunity … Read More

Visiting Hua Hin
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King’s Cup Elephant Polo Hua Hin was originally named Samore Riang, which in Thai means “Rows of rocks”. When one stands on the breathtaking almost white sandy beaches and sees the endless lines of boulders and giant stones, it is easy … Read More

My hostel (Thai Marigold)
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. I have come to the conclusion that the hostel where I stay in Bangkok is a Thai version of”Marigold Hotel” and if by any chance you haven’t seen this film, you must! It is so true to life in … Read More

On the Game in the dorms!
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OMG its happened again but this time far worse! Now before I go rambling on with my story, let me fill you in on the latest developments at my hostel. As many of you will or won’t know, my favourite … Read More

Wackies, Weirdoes, Wonderfuls.
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I would say that one of the principal highlights of travelling the world are the people you encounter along the way. They come in such a vast variety of personalities and characters that one can never possibly be bored. I … Read More

A Backpacker’s Sex Life!
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Hey ho. Have I had an educational week! One of the great things about backpacking travel and staying in hostels is the assortment of incredible, amazing and diverse people that one meets. Lots of people from all walks of life, all nationalities, … Read More

Robbery in the dorm.
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Today has confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that I am ‘Highly Intuitive” Brownie’s honour, I swear it’s true! This is just so mind blowing I am still trying to get over the fact! Last night I was standing in the … Read More