A Backpacker’s Sex Life!

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Hey ho. Have I had an educational week!

One of the great things about backpacking travel and staying in hostels is the assortment of incredible, amazing and diverse people that one meets. Lots of people from all walks of life, all nationalities, creeds and ages..

Naturally some are more interesting than others but every single person is a world unto himself Amongst this variety of people is one who I am going to write about today as he is ... well uuum .. What can I say? Extremely entertaining is putting it mildly. He is Spanish and I will call him "Charlie" that is not his real name, but as you will discover, for obvious reasons I have had to change his name to "protect the innocent, ye well! Perhaps not so innocent"

I met Charlie several months ago here in Bangkok and like myself he is travelling around Asia.. Since the world is like a handkerchief I have bumped into him on a number of occasions.. As we have both once again coincided again in BKK, I have got to know Charlie a bit better..

Charlie is a very friendly outgoing guy and as soon as you meet him you simply cannot help but like him. He is incredibly intelligent (something so special about these awesome brain boxes) He is a whizz kid on the computer, loves classical music, jazz, great movies, and will put you right on any subject that you could possibly wish to know, added to that he will always invite you tag along to wherever or whatever the group are going or doing, which more than often than not involves a visit to the local food stalls for lunch and/or dinner..

On this particular day Charlie, myself and this gorgeous girl called Trish (Also changed name as not sure if she would like me gossiping about her on my blog!!!) opted to go for a delicious stir fried chicken with pineapple and cashew nuts on Soi 38, (38 Street) actually one half of a second from our wonderful hostel. We started lunch with the normal conversation about this and that, when Charlie suddenly declared that he was into "Swinging" Oh golly gosh! What does one say when a charming young man comes out with something like that!  I mean really! At my sweet age I am about to hear all the details on sex orgies and fetish clubs. Trish is sitting there clearly dumbstruck, whereas me with my eyes out on stalks and my ears that have grown to the size of Dumbo! I positively cannot resist asking him to tell us more.

Needless to say Charlie most certainly doesn't need any encouragement as it is very clear that this is one of his favourite subjects!!! He starts by telling us how he and his girlfriend (Yes this guy has a girlfriend - who apparently he introduced into the world of swinging) regularly visit the sex clubs, which according to Charlie are very luxurious places where one can have a drink or/and sex at the bar (excuse me.. but I did wonder if the barman could concentrate on his job with all that going on)  relax on the enormous beds or/and have sex with whoever one fancies..  In other words instead of shop till you drop, its shag till you flag!  I am so stupid I actually asked him if one took their clothes off!

Charlie looked at me like I was a mental retard and God I really do think that sometimes part of my brain is missing.

Talking of taking ones clothes off. Charlie is a firm nudist beach fan. Stands to reason doesn't it!

This incredible guy then enlightened us to lots of the erotic clubs naming them off as if they were on his best friends list! Mentioning clubs like "Bagdad in Barcelona" http://www.bagdad.com/ (apparently one of the best places for erotic entertainment) and "Les Chandelles" in Paris  http://www.les-chandelles.com/  One of the most exclusive clubs for VIP swingers, where they don't do "threesomes" they do "x-somes" which means as many as you like..

He then proceeded to explain to us about the fetish clubs, including TG, ooooops sorry that does not stand for "Thank God" its stands for "Torture garden" http://www.torturegarden.com/ supposed to be astounding, with people waltzing around dressed in rubber or leather outfits, thousands of piercings, or even covered all over in gold paint, more like an erotic adult fancy dress party where one can use their personal individual fantasy. I have had a sneaky look at the web page and it is pretty amazing. Hey everyone, I know exactly what you are all thinking, but I swear this just is not my scene! At the end of the day, what in heavens would a Backpacker Granny be doing in a place like that??? Mind you some of the outfits look really fab....  I wonder what they would look like on Me? No! No! No! I am not going to the Fetish club! I said "NO I am Not going".Errr does anyone know how much the tickets are??? Most definitely! I am Not going..


Finally we get onto the subject of the ping pong in Bangkok. To which our friend told us it was pretty naf and that the ping pong girls were rather tatty and quiet boring.. Actually this didn't surprise me one tiny bit, specially after all the other places Charlie has been to.

Lovely Trish suddenly came to life and asked Charlie if it didn't bother him when he saw his girlfriend having MBS (mind blowing sexxxxx) with someone else! to which he assured us that if she was enjoying herself, he was happy for her.. Jesus! If my partner was having MBS with somebody else I would stab him to death, cut his you know whats off and throw them to the crocodiles !!!

That same evening Charlie asked us all if we wanted to go to some well know Jazz club. Trish and several others including a rather weird looking Korean guy and a Japanese fellow who spent the whole time with a silly grin on his face agreed to go with him...I didn't go as I was feeling a little tired plus the fact I didn't have any black rubber outfits, chains or whips to take with me ! Let’s face it! A girl has to go prepared for anything with men like Charlie. Wouldn’t you agree?

The very next day, we three met again for lunch, need I say that of course at our now regular place.. Where they have already got our bum prints embedded on the chairs !!

All was calm as we took our places at the table and according to Trish and Charlie, everyone had had a very good time the previous evening.(I was pondering on exactly how much of a good a time they had had ) When all of a sudden! Out of the blue! Trish makes a grab for Charlie's phone and says she wants to see the photos that Charlie has taken of her butt! Charlie denies taking photos of her butt and tells her to return his phone as there is stuff on there he doesn't want her or anyone else to see.. (You can bet your bottom dollar there is) anyway as she won't return the phone, Holy sugar! Guess what! He makes a grab at her tit! Yes that is what I said or should I say "wrote"! Repeat, He grabbed her tit! Trish was absolutely furious and screams at him that he shouldn't have grabbed her tit.. Charlie replies that she shouldn't have grabbed his phone! Oh God, then she says he is invading her person, to which he utters that she is invading the privacy on his phone.. Poor little me just sitting there in the middle of this escalating argument (I confess to actually thinking. "it's such a long time since I had my tit grabbed, I most certainly wouldn't be mad.. I would be extremely grateful) Anyway in the end I say "Hey Trish,” You shouldn't have grabbed his phone and you Charlie, shouldn't have grabbed her tit” so now can we talk about something else" Believe it or not they both shut up and we continued having a pleasant and possible rather boring lunch in comparison to the day before!!!

Much later on in the afternoon, Charlie reported to me that they had both apologized to each other. And really it was no big deal, I personally think Charlie is a great guy (even if he does go around grabbing women's tits) and who am I to judge his lifestyle, perhaps us prudes have got it all wrong.. !!! As I said before we are all a world unto ourselves.

Oh how I love my travelling life !!!

POST DATA... Charlie has read my blog, corrected my spelling mistakes (these bloody foreigners) and has actually told me that "All ages" can go to the fetish clubs!!! I wonder what he is trying to tell me... uuuuuum like I am ALL AGES???