Backpackergranny goes to a wedding

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I have written this blog specially for my beloved son Daniel and his beautiful wife Maica

Hello one and all!

A thousand and one profuse apologies for not having written for such a long time, I promise with hand on heart that I haven't forgotten you all, but when I tell you my reasons (not excuses) you will understand my looooong delay in blogging...

My eldest son Dani, got married! And I know that every one of you will have to agree that that is the most perfect excuse ever for me not getting around to writing!! I mean - it's not everyday that an eldest son gets married! and saying that I have been waiting an eternity for such an occurrence!  is putting it mildly! I actually breathed an enormous sigh of "At long last" when he uttered the words "I do" Cos I honestly thought he would never ever get to tie the knot. Talk about taking his time.. Jeepers, God in heaven he is a sweet forty two years of age! OK OK so you are all now counting on your fingers to work out how old I am!!! well you are all completely wrong in your deductions!..  I gave birth to my firstborn at the age of eight! (I was an early developer) That's my story and I am sticking to it and if anyone dares to question what I am saying, ooops correction writing!!!.. well, I am very sorry but I won't be responsible for my actions towards them!!!

 So to continue with my story! Please don't tell me rhat you don't just love these beautiful romantic occasions?? It's at times like these that I feel stupidly sentimental and walk around with a great big enormous lump in my throat.. strangely enough I also feel more kindly disposed and caring towards everybody present and find myself hugging and kissing dear friends and even old long forgotten enemies!!! I sometimes ponder on how we all only ever meet up at the weddings, the christenings, the birthdays, the hospitals and the funerals! We reminisce about old times, past experiences and remember the people we used to know and some who perhaps are no longer in this world. As we depart we give everyone another bearlike hug before scuttling back to our present day lives with the memories of what once was, but once again safely locked away in our hearts until such time that there is another family gathering.


Golly gosh! here I am waffling on when I just simply have to write some words about my lovely son's wedding...It was  marvellous and I looked gorgeous!... Uuum can I hear you saying you only want to know what the bride looked like??? Are you sure you don't want to know what I was wearing??? Ooooh alright then..  Maica ( in case you haven't cottoned on, is the bride!) wore a fabulous outfit that was stunning! (I will let you into a secret.. With some help from her lovely mother "Tina" she made the dress herself and it was gorgeous) in fact the little minx looked a thousand times more beautiful than me! How dare she!!!! I am only joking and the word "Minx" is being used in the most affectionate term possible, I will own up to the fact that I love her to death, she is such an adorable person who in all honesty if I had ten thousand women lined up in front of me and had to pick one for my son.. it would be Maica every time because I could never wish for anyone more perfect than her for my beloved son..

Alright I am getting to the details.. !!!
The wedding took place at "L'Ermita de Espluga de Francoli" Tarragona. An incredibly old monastery set up in the hills in a true fairy tale setting. The chapel is very small but really beautiful, although in point of fact they held the wedding ceremony in the wooded glade on the grounds of the same venue. As you will be able to appreciate from the photos the setting was truly magical and to top it all, the sun shone in all it's splendor

I have to mention that my son's wedding was one of the most informal fun weddings that I have ever been to. There was nothing serious or pompous and what both bride and groom wanted was that everyone just have the best day ever with loads of fun and laughter.. I promise you that is exactly what we had.. really "Mamma Mia" had nothing on this wedding!

After the marriage ceremony under a hail of rice and rose petals we all made our way back to the main area where wonderful typical Catalan food was waiting for us.. Catalan food being many mouthwatering eats including "Salsichon"  Spanish type of sausage," Jamón serrano" dry-cured Spanish ham, "Calçots" tender green onions grown in a very special way at Valls in the province Tarragona, they are grilled over a flaming barbecue then  served on a terra cotta roof tile, rather than a plate, so keeping them warm.  One peels away the blackened outer layers, then dips the tender bulbs in "Salvitxada," a sauce made of almonds, tomatoes, garlic, dried peppers, vinegar and oil. If you get the chance, do do try this dish it is simply to die for.. unfortunately it's seasonal so not served all year round! and of course we come to the famous "Pan con tomate" which literally means bread with tomatoe! With all due respect to the rest of Spain.. Nobody makes pan con tomate like the Catalans.. If you are thinking "what's she going on about it's just a bit er bred with a tom a ter" All I can say is the next time you come to Cataluna just try it and then tell me what you think! If you don't say its scumptious, I never want to speak to you again!!!! We then had grilled meats and veggies, followed by fresh fruit and the most amzing doughnut wedding cake (between you and I when my children told me they were having doughnuts for the cake! I thought Jesus Christ what in heavens is that!!!) but it was fantastic with each doughnut there was a choice of hot chocolate sauce, coconut shavings, chocolate pearls and hundreds and thousands.

I could go on forever about this awesome day, wonderful food, great ambiance, people dancing on the table tops, fantastic entertaiment and music.. but perhaps the best part of all was to see my dear dear son so happy and so much in love, I know I am his mother and I love him..  but he is one of the best and deserves all the good things that life has to offer.

For Dani and Maica all my love always.. Mama