Fort Kochi Kerala in India.  Here I was in this enchanting paradise which was my very first stop in this splendid country. Kerala has a magical unsurpassable beauty which after all these years, still takes my breath away and leaves my speechless. Situated in the south of India on the Malabar coast it boasts a tropical climate with palm shaded beaches and magnificent backwaters.

My first day was spent roaming around the delightful town.  I visited the beach front and I was spellbound watching the fishermen make their catch using the Chinese fishing nets. After exploring sufficiently for one morning I decided it was time to take a break. I found a delightful little tea café and made my way inside to savor the delicious Masala Chai tea. Let me mention, that nowhere in this wide world is the tea is as delicious as in India. The terrific thing about being a solo traveler is that you are more open to relate to other people. So much so that I ended up meeting two great people who were also individually backpacking around the world. Martina from South Africa and Chris from the U.S.A. Within minutes we were chatting like old mates. They were such fun I joined them to visit the Jewish quarter, the spice shops and art galleries. After a wonderful afternoon, I agreed to meet Martina the following day and go on a tour with her. Apparently a young man in reception at her guest house had arranged everything for her,

The Tour.

The very next morning as agreed with Martina. I made my way to her hostel and met Clyde, our very handsome tour guide. OMG! when I say he was handsome that is positively an understatement. He had the looks of what I call “A mantelpiece man” just to clarify the meaning: - You could sit him on your mantelpiece and just spend the rest of your life gazing and this splendid specimen of the male species! To continue, Clyde was joined by one of his friends Abhijat and the four of us set off.

Our first stop was as a very Indian little shanty bar where we had Chai, Chapati and Lentil Dahl, it was just delicious.

 After our mouthwatering breakfast the boys took to see the elephants bathing in the river. This was without a doubt one of those very momentous occasions on my travels. To see these magnificent creatures frolicking around in the water was mind altering. The babies better known as calves laying there in the water as we splashed them and gave them gentle massages was something I will never forget. That day even more than ever before, I came away with total respect for every living creature on this earth.

The next port of call was the most spectacular of all the water falls in Kerala, The Athirappilly falls. It is a very popular place for Indian and foreign tourists, but even so I would nevertheless recommend that you go there as It is positively magnificent. On arrival, we were joined by another one of Clyde’s friends named Akash. As the boys knew the place very well, instead of following the flow of visitors they took us to a place directly facing the falls where we could swim and enjoy the breathtaking views and the fauna. Too soon we had to leave because as we well know, all good things end.

After saying big “Thank-Yous’ to all the boys and “Goodbye’ to Martina, I returned to my hostel where the brothers informed me that my tour guide "Clyde Rozario"was none other than the bass guitarist of the very famous rock band in India known as “Motherjane” Today they are one of the most respected Ethnic rock bands in the whole country. How cool is that! So much for me wanting him as my mantelpiece man! Come to think of it I don't even have a confounded mantelpiece.




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