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Hi Everyone,

Today I have decided to write about those nasty, horrible, killer creatures called Mosquitoes! I had better start by telling you that Mosquitoes absolutely love and adore me, if all the men in the world were so enamored with me as those wretched insects, wow would I have fun.

This is unbelievable but true! Those little flying horrors wait for me at the airport. I suspect that they are on twenty-four hour alert to be informed as to when I am booking the plane!  For sure they have my flight number, date and time or arrival. The minute I have cleared customs and reached the main airport exit hall, there they all are in their droves waiting.. I am surprised they don’t have a big poster with “Backpacker Granny” on it!

I can literally hear those little b……ds (sorry I can’t write the full word as this is a child friendly blog) saying “Here she is, yummy yummy what a feast we are going to have” And then they start coming for me. Yes I know you are going to say that I should use insect repellent! Jeeves I think I have used every product on the market. My last resort has been to buy an anti mosquito with ninety percent deet! Yes that is what I said! .. almost all deet.. Result: I now have no skin and those little pests are still attacking!

I have learnt over the years that every living creature serves a purpose in the balance of mother nature, but honestly, what is the purpose of a Mosquito? I keep saying to God, “Hey I know you are a great creator and you have done a pretty wonderful job when you made the world, but please tell me why the devil did you create those dammed mosquitoes?” He never replies, so I reckon even God doesn’t know!

Did you know that there are 3100 species of mosquito and that the name comes from the Spanish and Portuguese for “little fly.” Mosquitoes resemble little flies. Thus, ‘mosquito.’


They can carry west nile ,encephalitis, yellow fever, malaria and dengue fever among others.

Strangely it is only the female mosquito that bites (stands to reason that it would have to be a female- chuckle chuckle) Females need blood to develop fertile eggs. Since males do not lay eggs, they do not bite. It goes on to say: Few people realize that mosquitoes rely on sugar as their main source of energy. Both male and female mosquitoes feed on plant nectar, fruit juices and liquids that ooze from plants. The sugar is burned as fuel for flight and is replenished on a daily basis. Blood is reserved for egg production and is imbibed less frequently. So it appears the males rely solely on sugar sources for their energy.
Now that I have given you all a mine of useful or useless information on the banes of my existence I will continue:
Please be aware that I am completely and utterly against killing in any shape or form… BUT.. and it’s a very big BUT I do take great pleasure in eliminating those disgusting little blighters.. They are also very annoying .. Imagine, when I was in Nepal I was sleeping under a mozzy net.. this is amazing but those creatures actually spent the entire night looking for a way to get into the net and kept me awake till the early hours of the morning with their buzzzz buzzz buzzz. In fact I really would love to lock them all up in a confine and do the buzzz buzzz buzzz on them too and see how they felt about it!

Please excuse me but now I have to go and investigate on the most effective methods on mass murder of mosquitos.. If you come up with any ideas please please let me know..

Lovely Mosquito attacking my arm
As still and quiet as a statue
Stay perfectly still,
I’ll do you no harm
I simply desire to pat you

Just punture my vein
and swallow your fill
for no one is going to swat you
Now lovely mosquito
Stay right where you are
A swipe and a swat
And I got you!

Poem  by Patsy Cairns  (A fellow Backpacker)

Have a great mosquito free day!!!