Robbery in the dorm.

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robbery in the dormToday has confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that I am 'Highly Intuitive" Brownie's honour, I swear it's true!

This is just so mind blowing I am still trying to get over the fact! Last night I was standing in the dorm talking to a sweet  girl from Mongolia whilst at the same time showing off my new hat! (No I am not going to a wedding, I'm just trying to be trendy) in that same moment in walks this strange tall fair haired women.. Now I can't explain why, but I immediately had this creeping feeling inside.  She stared at us in an odd way and said "Hello" Normally I am a pretty sociable little soul who always welcomes every newcomer to the hostel with a beaming smile and obligingly give them any info they might need on the amenities of the guest house or the places to visit in Bangkok. But on this occasion the most I could handle was to answer with a very reserved Hi. Imagine! it even crossed my mind to move to another room, that's how strong the negative feeling was towards this newcomer.

Intuition can be defined as the subtle knowing without ever having any idea why you know it," I have traveled the world and I can honestly say that by listening to my gut feelings I have always managed to stay out of harms way.

To continue my story. There was also another lovely young girl from Myanmar staying in the same dorm.. It was her first trip away from her country so she was a mixture of  joyful and fearful with her new adventure.

The night passed without much ado and when I awoke the following morning, I noticed that the cause of my uneasiness had left. I went downstairs to enjoy my delicious Thai tea and a banana pancake when I saw the very distraught girl from Myanmar talking to reception. I couldn't help hearing that she had had her camera stolen (OK I was eavesdropping! but please don't tell anyone) Of course being very much the Mother hen, I had to be part of the action, so I went to investigate. Apparently the previous night she had put her camera to recharge , not on the beside table but actually in her bed, (All the beds come with electrical sockets on the wall above where the head rests) anyway she fell asleep only to find in the morning that her camera had disappeared along with the stranger who had given me the urge to push the panic button. I should mention that our hostel is equipped with 'surveillance cameras' so consequently there we all were peering over the receptionists shoulder checking the screen to see if we could spy the offending criminal. The minute “said” weird female appeared on the screen, in unison we all screamed “There she is! There she is! That’s her” We were then told by the staff that she had arrived late at night and had left in the very early hours of the morning! Well it was as clear as crystal! That blonde creep was the culprit. I can tell you, Scotland Yard would have be amazed at our totally professional and rapid discovery of “whodunnit”

The poor little Burmese girl was practically crying, but not because of her camera but because she had lost all her photos, I felt so sorry for her and really hated that awful batch who had done this terrible deed to such a sweet adorable girl on her first visit away from home.

Here are just a few words of advice from a well travelled ( Psychic) Backpacker Granny. And hey! Always listen to your instinct, it will never fail you.

1) Do not leave your camera, phone or any other item of value in an unguarded place. By that I mean, do not leave them on your bed or table. If you have to go to the bathroom or wherever, either take your bag with you or lock them away in the locker that the hostel has provided you with and as an extra cautionary measure, have your own padlock.

2) Don't carry large amounts of money around with you, again keep it in a safe place under lock and key.

3) When you go to sleep do please put everything safely away in your locker.. You can recharge when you wake up.. at least that way you will continue to have something to charge

4) Always have a photocopy of your passport plus a second credit card in case you should loose one of them.

5) When travelling on buses, trains or even planes , always keep documents, and valuables with you, do not store in the baggage compartments..

Happy travels and stay safe.


Jaysus flipping caractacus! This has to be the most embarrassing moment in my whole blogging life!


I am not dammed well perceptive, and the awful truth of the matter is that I now have to admit to the fact that my gut feelings were a load of codswallop and led me completely up the wrong path.

You will never believe what happened. The Burmese victim of the robbery returned to our hostel after a short visit to Pattaya (Sin City)  and….. wait for it…… She found her camera! Yessss dear friends she found her poxy camera!

There she was, grinning like a Cheshire cat as she informed us that the rotten camera had been in her bag all the time. I was dumbstruck and terribly disappointed! With my new found powers of clairvoyancy. I had envisaged a brilliant future helping the F.B.I to solve the most intricate of mysteries. I honestly didn’t know whether to kiss her or kick her, What a dummy! or was I the dummy? I am not too that sure on that one!

Such is life! Another lesson I have learnt on my long road of a travelling life. Never prejudge