If you are a lover of nature and incomparable natural beauty Khao Sok National Park should be an undeniable must visit on your bucket list. 

I am very fortunate to have visited numerous wondrous places in this big wide world. Some are lovely, some are stunning but once in a while you will visit a spot that is so surreal and magical it will take your breath away. These are the moments when I start to doubt my denial of a creator.

Just over a month ago I visited Khao Sok. A friend of mine and myself made our way to the main Hua Lamphong station in Bangkok where we boarded the overnight train which would take us to Surat Thani. (I will interrupt here to say that should you decide to travel by train in Thailand, whatever you do please take warm clothing, as the air-con is so ridiculously cold that by the time you reach your destination you will have turned into an enormous block of ice)  on arrival we caught a local bus to reach the vicinity of the national park and our lodgings. We arrived at Misty Moring Resort which we discovered to our delight was set in a splendid tropical garden hosting a profusion of multicoloured flowers. We were convinced we had died and gone to heaven!  Oh what perfect peace and tranquility and a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Thailand's capital.

After checking into our stunning bungalow, we immediately went to reception and booked for the following day to visit the fabulous Cheow Larn Lake Khaosok.

Early the next morning found us boarding the mini-van alongside a small group of multi nationalities. The ride to the lake took us approximately two and half hours but the scenery on the way was positively captivating and before we realized it we were at our destination. There waiting for us, was the remarkable lake in all it magnificent splendor.

We boarded the boat and headed out to explore the lake.  When I am faced with the miracle of nature something stirs within me and fills me with an overwhelming respect and love for our wondrous world.