The stunning countryside

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Hi there! I hope everyone is super duper today!
If you have read my last post perhaps you will remember that I was going the next day (Wednesday) to visit a local village school, see the countryside and visit my Tuk tuk driver’s family. Needless to say I was really looking forward to spending a lovely relaxing day seeing rural Cambodia.
I rose from my bed bright and early, prepared all my photography equipment and hastened downstairs to get in some breakfast before we left. There was Pov, my TT man waiting in front of my house but as he was half an hour early, I told him I was just going for some food and would be back by eight o’clock the arranged time. It was then that he informed me that we weren’t going to the school since it was closed and neither were we going to his village because the road was very bad…To be honest I wasn’t all that fazed since I was quiet happy to let him decide where we would go. Mind you, when he suggested we could go to a pagoda on the way to the countryside I did think “If I see another flipping pagoda I will slit my wrists” I mean let’s face it, how many pagodas do you think there are in Asia? Trust me, I have seen a hell of a lot, in fact I have consumed more pagodas than the Asians have eaten egg fried rice and noodles, I am literally Pagodaaaad out!  I firmly believe that we have two angels sitting on our shoulders. One good one and one very bad one. I am sure that in my younger days I worked my bad angel to the point of total irrecoverable exhaustion, so much so that basically I have been left with that daft, silly, boring, waste of space good angel. It won’t take much of your imagination to work out if I agreed to go to yet another repetitive pagoda!
After breakfasting on one mouthful of the worst example of an omelette I have ever seen or tasted in my life, I went to find Pov.
We started out on our journey leaving behind the town of Siem Reap and branching off on to roads that have long gone been forgotten by any form of town and country planning, in point of fact I think there were more potholes than road.

Cambodian Tuk tuks are beautiful, they are often brightly painted and decked with gorgeous multicoloured fabric and cushions. When it rains your driver will unfold a transparent plastic covering so you won’t get wet, but will still be able to take in the awesome views. Uuuum that’s the positivd thing about them. Do you really want to know the negative??? OK I’ll tell you anyway…… Tuk tuks or should I say their creators know absolutely nothing about suspension. It is none-existent. So my dear friends, if you are suffering from weak and fragile bones be warned, and if you aren’t, you certainly will be once you have been in a rotten bone shaking Tuk tuk.
Imagine my joy ride, being thrown from one side to the other and occasionally landing heavily back on my poor little butt. Have you ever seen a specimen of a human rag doll doing the St Vitus dance? Oh boy, was I glad to reach that wretched pagoda!
Actually, although I hate to admit this, the pagoda was rather lovely, but then again anything would look wonderful after my nightmare ride. OK I have to tell the truth here….Do you know what I love about Pagodas? It’s all those handsome, yummy monks, dressed in bright orange and revealing one delicious bare shoulder. They all wave and say hello while smiling flirtatiously at me as I stroll by.Yes pagodas aren’t so bad after all and anyway, even backpacker grannies can dream.

IMG_9281.jpg copy
I reluctantly dragged myself away from the sumptuous sites and allowed Pov to drive me to a country village. The local market was in full force which again, I have seen many markets so I wasn’t too interested till I suddenly spied two men negotiating over a very large live Cockrell. I suspected that the bird in question was most certainly not for eating, but just to confirm I asked the locals and they admitted that it was for “Cock fighting” interesting but not a sport I uphold. Having said that, perhaps I would go to do a photographic report, if I do I will let you know. here is an interesting link on "Cock fighting"       


The final part of our journey was to visit the rice fields, watch the farmers ploughing the land and see the fishermen casting their enormous nets in the muddy rivers. It was incredible! I even met a local man and his son catching frogs. The little boy was wading in the water trapping the prey between his small fingers whilst his father was cooking them over an open fire on the side of the road. No I didn’t eat any frogs, who knows! One of them could have been my future prince…On second thoughts, I only ever meet princes and then they go and change into disgusting frogs! Perhaps I should have eaten them after all.

IMG_9373Although Pov changed all the plans it was a fabulous day, I managed to get some beautiful shots and reconfirm what I already knew. Cambodia is a magical and stunning country.