Wonderful world of Massage

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Hello one and all, I hope you are doing as well as me!

Just to make everyone of you  die of  a massive dose of green eyed monster.. today I went for a wonderful hair wash in one of the many salons here in George Town Penang. Malaysia.

Now I know what you are all thinking.. "A hair wash? - that's no big deal" Ah ha that is because you have never had your hair washed in Asia!  Here In Malaysia they sit you down in a chair.. carefully put a towel round your shoulders and then promptly proceed to gently and gradually pour shampoo onto your dry head of hair.. and at the same time they start to massage your head! slowly more and  more shampoo is added  and the more they massage, so your head starts to look like an enormous cone of white candy floss! not to mention that by this time you feel you are in seventh heaven.. This process normally lasts about thirty five to forty five minutes,( between you and me, if I had my way it, I would have it last all day!) then you are led to the back wash.. where you lay down on a vertical couch  to have your hair rinsed.. its so comfy that all you want to do is nod off .. none of that sitting and trying to fit into those awkward uncomfortable wash basins that we have in the western world which even in spite of rubbernecks (those bits of rubber that the more considerate salons put on the rim of the basin where your head goes) are still literally a pain in the neck!  I personally always feel like Marie Antoinette going to the guillotine but face up not down! Once your hair has been rinsed you are escorted back to your chair where you are finished off (in the nicest possible way) with an awesome neck and shoulder massage.. Can it get any better than this??? Oh boy I want to have my hair washed every day!

After this mornings session it crossed my mind that it was about time I wrote about the Thai massage...Sorry Guys.. I am not going to talk about THOSE sorts of massages.. This is an all above board Blog.. well at least it is for the moment unless my imagination goes into overdrive and I get carried away!

I will start by telling you all that I absolutely love and adore those incredible Asian massages.. Wherever I am .. be it Japan, China, Cambodia, Taiwan, Thailand etc,  I always make a point of treating myself to a relaxing and anti stress massage.. I consider that once in a while we all deserve  to be completely pampered and cosseted.. what better way than to  put your body into the hands of an expert and go to heaven for a couple of hours! 


Thai Massage
When one mentions the words "Thai massage" in the western world lots of people mistakenly conjure up visions of sleezy cheap sex, and of course these parlours really do exist and they are in abundance. why wouldn't they be?  sex sells!

 I might add that I have never ever been to any of these places, nor have I had a "Happy Ending"  I reckon if I did.. I might just end up wanting a "Happy Beginning" a "Happy Middle" and  be dammed with the rest!

OK I will be serious and get on with my subject!

Authentic Thai massage spas are a world apart, beautifully decorated in true Thai style with gentle fountains, abundant foliage and soft background music 

Thai Spas offer a variety of massages  including foot massage - head and shoulder massage - facials - full body massage - Ayurvedic - Aromatherapy - and all them are a amazing

True Thai massage (Nuat Boran) is a type of massage that involves stretching and deep massage. It is usually performed on the floor on a mat or firm mattress, the client wears comfortable clothes that allow for movement. (That surprised you didn't it? you don't even take your clothes off!)  No oils are used in the Thai massage and most of the massage consists of the masseuse using their own body weight to put pressure on the muscles to open the sen energy lines and softening the muscles in preparation for the stretches.which consist of many yoga positions. By way of stretching and pressure, the muscles are worked and acupressure points stimulated. Often referred to as “Thai bodywork,” as it has such a advantageous impact on the body.

 Massage is a highly complex procedure and the person giving the massage should have a profound knowledge of the body and have the  first class training necessary to carry out this service. The benefits are enormous and by the time you have finished you will feel fantastic.. for sure, just like Oliver Twist, you will want to go back for more!

POST DATA: Many years ago, believe it or not, I actually took a massage course in the north of Thailand, and I can tell you it was dammed hard work, Consequently due to that experience, I can only say.. My utmost respect to all those masseurs that do such a wonderful job.