Sawasdee Ka - (Hello)
สวัสดี ค่ะ

Muang Thai or Thailand which means “Land of the free” for me is one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries that I have ever visited. I love this country with an unadulterated passion and if you have never been to Thailand, you may ask, what is it about this land that holds me totally captivated? My answer could possibly be the incredibly friendly people, the breathtaking scenery, the exotic blend of traditional culture with its’ rich history or the delectable food. On reflection, I could say that “yes” it is all that, however, I know in my heart that it is far more than that, but I still have to discover what it is.

On the last count, I discovered that there is a total of 40,717 Buddhist temples (Thai: Wat) in this awesome country. Unless you are a complete temple freak and want to spend the rest of your life visiting them all, I would suggest that you add only a few of the most famous and interesting ones to your itinerary. As much as I loathe and detest recommending people to go to the overcrowded touristy locations. One of the most spectacular and splendid temples is the Grand Palace Bangkok. Scores of people make their way every day to visit this complex what was once the residence of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej  (Rama IX,) but despite the crowds, whatever you do please don’t miss it

For all those adventurous souls who feel like frustrated Tarzans’, you should probably make your way up to the north, to Chiang Mai and list yourself on one of the many treks that numerous companies have on offer. The trekking activities can last one, two, or even several days. Heading into the very heart of the jungle you will have the possibility to view some incredible varieties of fauna that abound in Thailand. Visit the world-famous hill tribes and for a single day share their lifestyle. or perhaps you could even sleep in a tree house. Get your adrenalin soaring by white water rafting through the many rapids. Believe me, a whole new experience awaits you.

Do you often pine for soft pale golden sands almost verging on nearly white, with magical almost lifelike tall elegant palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze? Would you love to take a dip in turquoise transparent sea, where you can’t help but feel that you are bathing in the world’s largest swimming pool?  Can you imagine shoals of breathtaking multicolored fish welcoming you to their paradise below the water? Do you long to forget about the rain and the drizzle, leave behind the cold winter days and nights, and erase the doom and gloom from your persona? If the answer is yes to all those questions! Then why the blazes are you still dithering? Get yourself together and book a flight this very minute. “Life is not a dummy run” so come on, pull yourself together and make all those dreams a reality.

Khao Sok National Park
Koh Sok National Park